Salvage Yards Near Me: Find Used Auto Parts Today

Salvage Yards Near Me Open Today

Seeking a salvage yard close by for quality used auto parts? Look no further! Discover numerous salvage yards right in your vicinity offering auto parts at an affordable rate, a perfect alternative to brand new parts.

Salvage Yards Near Me Open Today
  1. Locate Salvage Yards in Your Vicinity
  2. The 5 states with the most salvage yards
  3. Choosing the Right Salvage Yard
  4. Scoring the Best Deals on Used Auto Parts
  5. Conclusion:

Locate Salvage Yards in Your Vicinity

The internet offers a variety of ways to pinpoint salvage yards around you. An efficient method is leveraging the power of search engines like Google. Just type "salvage yards near me" or "local salvage yards" and you'll get an exhaustive list in your region.

Alternatively, the Yellow Pages still serves as a useful tool for discovering local businesses, including salvage yards. And never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth; family and friends might know a few hidden gems!

The 5 states with the most salvage yards

California: California has the most salvage yards in the United States, with over 2,000. This is likely due to the state's large population and its high number of cars on the road.

iPull-uPull Auto Parts - Fresno, CA2274 E Muscat Ave, Fresno(559) 445-4117iPull-uPull Auto Parts - Fresno, CA
Fresno Silver Star Recycling4688 S Chestnut Ave STE 103, Fresno(559) 268-7300Fresno Silver Star Recycling
Fresno Tap Recycling4688 S Chestnut Ave STE 103, Fresno(866) 240-7100Fresno Tap Recycling
Turner's Auto Wrecking4388 S Willow Ave, Fresno(559) 237-0918Turner's Auto Wrecking
Pick & Fix Auto Dismantling1616 N Shirk Rd, Visalia(559) 651-4905Pick & Fix Auto Dismantling
All American Truck and Auto Parts4688 S Chestnut Ave STE 101, Fresno(559) 264-3673All American Truck and Auto Parts
List of California salvage yards

Texas: Texas is the second-most populous state in the United States, and it also has a large number of salvage yards. There are over 1,500 salvage yards in Texas.

Farris Auto Salvage4402 E Jefferson St, Grand Prairie(972) 263-5423Farris Auto Salvage
Glenn & Jerry's Auto Recyclers5619 Elliott Reeder Rd #6013, Fort Worth(817) 834-6115Glenn & Jerry's Auto Recyclers
AAA Crain's Auto Salvage3300 Van Horn Ave, Fort Worth(469) 230-5864AAA Crain's Auto Salvage
All Discount Auto Salvage3965 E Main St, Grand Prairie(972) 263-3388All Discount Auto Salvage

Florida: Florida is the third-most populous state in the United States, and it also has a large number of salvage yards. There are over 1,200 salvage yards in Florida.

Pick Your Part - Ft. Lauderdale4301 S State Rd 7, Davie(800) 962-2277Pick Your Part - Ft. Lauderdale
US1 Used Auto Parts11720 SW 214th St, Miami(305) 235-5656US1 Used Auto Parts
Flamingo Auto Salvage1150 W Mowry Dr, Homestead(305) 245-6183Flamingo Auto Salvage
State Auto Salvage1250 W Mowry Dr, Homestead(305) 242-0218State Auto Salvage
A & E Auto Recycling Inc1511 N 72nd Ave, Hollywood(954) 963-7138A & E Auto Recycling Inc
Prestige Junk Cars8645 SW 48th St, Miami(786) 899-2358Prestige Junk Cars
South Florida Auto Recycling4 NW 7th St, Fort Lauderdale(954) 318-7888South Florida Auto Recycling
Junk Cars Hialeah25 W 11th St, Hialeah(786) 338-5343Junk Cars Hialeah
Three Kings Junk Car6325 Fillmore St, Hollywood(305) 433-1259Three Kings Junk Car

New York: New York is the fourth-most populous state in the United States, and it also has a large number of salvage yards. There are over 1,000 salvage yards in New York.

All American Auto Salvage192 Leesville Ave, Rahway(732) 574-1945All American Auto Salvage
A&A Auto Wreckers146 Parsippany Rd, Whippany(973) 887-1150A&A Auto Wreckers
Bloomfield Auto Wreckers186 Grove St, Bloomfield(973) 748-4597Bloomfield Auto Wreckers
Boss Salvage259 Emmet St, Newark(973) 242-0373Boss Salvage
Wallington Auto Wrecker217 Paterson Ave, Wallington(973) 777-7438Wallington Auto Wrecker

Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania is the fifth-most populous state in the United States, and it also has a large number of salvage yards. There are over 900 salvage yards in Pennsylvania.

B & C Auto Wreckers4867 US-15, Montgomery(570) 547-1040B & C Auto Wreckers
Stony Fork Salvage148 Rocky Run Ln, Wellsboro(570) 723-1878Stony Fork Salvage
Wasson Auto Parts180 Shaffer Ln, Jersey Shore(570) 398-2886Wasson Auto Parts
ARichners Auto Parts259 Swampoodle Rd, Howard(814) 355-3851ARichners Auto Parts

Choosing the Right Salvage Yard

Choosing a salvage yard involves careful consideration. Ensure the yard stocks the parts you're after. A simple phone call to inquire about the availability of the parts could save you time and disappointment.

Next, verify the reputation of the salvage yard. Online reviews are a reliable resource for genuine customer feedback. Also, look for yards that offer warranties on parts, which shows confidence in their inventory.

Moreover, aim for the best value for money. Compare prices from different salvage yards to ensure you're getting a fair deal.

Scoring the Best Deals on Used Auto Parts

Negotiation is key when hunting for the best deals on used auto parts. Don't hesitate to ask for a price reduction - salvage yards expect it.

Patience pays off as well. If a part is too expensive, wait it out. Prices can fluctuate based on supply and demand.


Finding a local salvage yard offering used auto parts doesn't have to be daunting. With this guide, you are well-equipped to find the exact parts you need at a bargain price.

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