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You can also find 7/11 Near Me stores \”near you\” using our map. Click on the button below to see if there are any nearby.

7/11 Near Me Hiring

If you are looking for a job and would like to work in a 7/11 near you, you can apply here, to see the job positions open suitable for you.

About 7-Eleven:

7-Eleven is a chain of convenience stores that provide a wide variety of services including selling gasoline, offering money transfer, and providing lottery services. The company was founded in 1927 by Joe C Loewy, who sold milk, bread, and eggs along with other groceries. In 1928 he opened the first store in Dallas, Texas and called it Tote\’m Stores because people used to \”tote\” their purchases out of the store. 7-Eleven Inc. has more than 50 years worth of experience in delivering great products and services to its customers. The company has more than 55,000 stores worldwide operating under several brands including 7-Eleven, ampm, Corner Store (Australia only), Kangaroo Express (Australia only), Minimart (Philippines only), Peppy Mart (Philippines only) and 11-20 (United Kingdom).

The company\’s mission statement is: \”The mission of 7-Eleven Inc., as an exciting place to shop and work is to be America\’s Favorite Convenience Store โ€“ easy access to everything people need or want; great prices; fast friendly service;

7/11 also sells gasoline at many of its locations. In most states, 7-Eleven offers both conventional unleaded gasoline and ethanol-free gasoline blends like E10 or E85 (flexfuel).


Most 7-Elevens are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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