Walmart Gas Station Near Me

Walmart's gas stations are a great place to buy gas near me and save money on fuel. You can also pay at Walmart with your phone or credit card and get cash back on your purchase. Before you go, make sure you have some basic information about their prices and payment methods.

Walmart Gas Station Near Me

Walmart fuel station near me maps.

The closest Walmart gas stations to your location are located on the following map.

The map below shows the locations of all Walmart fuel stations in the United States. Click on any pin to get directions to that Walmart station.

Walmart has a wide range of products and services in their stores. They include groceries, clothing, electronics and toys. This is a great place to shop if you want to save money on groceries or other items.

Do Walmart gas stations have cash back?

No, Walmart gas stations do not offer cash back or discounts on gas. They also do not accept credit cards, so you'll have to pay using your debit card or cash.

Do Walmart gas stations accept credit cards?

Walmart gas stations accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. If you’re paying at the pump with a credit card, you will be prompted to swipe it inside the store before proceeding outside to fuel up.
There may also be an attendant on duty outside of many Walmart gas stations who can help with your transaction if desired.

Does Walmart have diesel fuel?

No. Walmart does not sell diesel fuel. However, there are some locations where you can find the fuel for your vehicle at a nearby gas station.

Does Walmart sell 100 ethanol free gas?

Here's what you need to know about Walmart gas stations and ethanol-free gasoline:
The company has recently added E15 fuel to the list of non-ethanol fuels sold at its stations. You can find this in the same aisle as other types of fuel.
As of July 2018, Walmart sells both E10 and E15 blends of regular unleaded fuel—the former being 10% ethanol, while the latter contains 15%. This type is legal in all 50 states but may require specialized equipment if your vehicle isn't designed for it.
The following states still have strict laws prohibiting the sale of any form of ethanol-based gasoline: California, Maine, Arizona and New Hampshire (although there are plans to phase out these laws).

Can I pay with my phone at Walmart gas station?

If you didn't know, Walmart has an app. It's great for so many things, but one of the most important features is that it lets you pay for gas at any Walmart gas station with your phone.

To set up this feature, simply download the Walmart app on your phone and then select "Pay for Gas" from the navigation menu. From there, enter in how much fuel you would like to purchase and press "Buy." A QR code will appear onscreen; scan this code into any compatible credit card terminal at the pump or store counter (if they have one). You're done! You can also do this directly through Walmart Pay which works similarly to Apple Pay or Android Pay.

What is the cheapest gas station in America?

he average cost of gas in America is $2.61 per gallon. The cheapest gas station in America is Costco, which sells regular unleaded for $2.139 per gallon as of March 23, 2019. This price includes sales tax, but it doesn't include any other fees that might be associated with filling up your car at Costco (such as membership fees).

The lowest price we’ve found was $2.59 per gallon at Shell stations in Alabama and Georgia—that’s a difference of more than 20 cents from the average cost of gas across America! Want to know how much you'll save by using our tool? Enter your vehicle's year and make, then hit "Calculate." Your estimated savings will appear below along with a map showing nearby stations selling cheap fuel near where you are.

Is Walmart self service?

You can self-service pump your gas at some Walmart locations. Self-service is when you pump your own gas, and it's cheaper than full service. You don't pay extra for self-service, but some locations don't have the option of pumping your own gas. Some locations do offer self service and it may not be free—see below for more details on what's available in your area.

Where are the cheapest gas prices near me?

Gas prices vary from place to place, so you’re going to have to check out the cheapest gas prices near you.

Where are the cheapest gas prices in the country? If you look at the latest statistics on GasBuddy, a website that tracks local and national gas prices, there are several states where gas is usually quite affordable: like Texas ($2.88 per gallon), Atlanta Georgia ($3.10 per gallon) , Alabama ($3.16 per gallon). These states all have low state taxes on fuel and low gasoline production costs as well.

Question about Walmart Gas Station Near Me

Does Walmart still offer discounts to Sams Club members on gas?

You can still get the discount! If you're a Sam's Club member, you'll get discounted gas at all participating Walmart gas stations. If you're not a member but want to take advantage of this offer (and who doesn't want lower prices at the pump?), join the club online and link your membership card to your account before going to fill up. You'll then be able to scan or enter your membership number when paying at the pump—but only if you use one of those fuel types listed above. No matter how many times we've tried it ourselves and failed, there's no way around this rule: only Sams Club members are eligible for these discounts on gasoline purchases at Walmart stations.

Why is it cheaper to fill up at night?

There are a few reasons why gas stations offer cheaper prices at night. The first, and most obvious reason is that there are less people driving at night. If you've ever filled up after work when you're exhausted from the day's activities, you know that it can be difficult to stay awake until the last possible minute (especially if your favorite television show is about to come on). This means that fewer people are filling up their cars with gas during off hours.
Another reason for reduced prices is competition; it's easier for gas stations to charge lower prices during off hours because they don't have as much competition from other stations nearby. It's also easier for them to sell out of gas because they don't have as many customers stopping by throughout the evening rush hour period when everyone needs their car filled up before heading home after work!

Make sure you know all the information before you visit your local walmart gas station.

When you plan to visit a gas station near me, it's important that you know exactly where the station is. of course you can use Google Maps. You should also make sure that the gas station has all the amenities that you need before making your way there.

For example:

If they are closed on Sundays, then this may not be a good option for you. It's also important to look at the prices of their products as well and make sure that they fit within your budget before going there. If not then it might be better for someone else who does not have any problems with paying high costs for cheap products such as gasoline or diesel fuel.


We hope this article has helped you to find the answers to your questions about walmart gas stations. If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask us in the comments section below!