Finding the Nearest Gas Station From Me in New Jersey: A Comprehensive Guide


New Jersey, known as the Garden State, is a bustling and thriving place with countless miles of highways and interstates that see thousands of vehicles every day. Being on the road requires an essential commodity – gasoline. For travelers, locals, and commuters alike, locating the nearest gas station is often a priority. Here is a comprehensive guide for finding the \”nearest gas station from me\” in New Jersey.

List of Nearest Gas Stations in New Jersey

Shell127 Easton Ave, New Brunswick(908) 666-2547\"Shell\"
Sunoco Gas Station332 NJ-18, East Brunswick(732) 967-9600\"Sunoco
Shell940 Livingston Ave, North Brunswick Township(732) 448-9500\"Shell\"
Sunoco Gas StationMilepost 39.4, NJ Tpke, Mt Laurel Township(856) 234-5222\"Sunoco
bp1213 NJ-27, Somerset(732) 249-2888\"bp\"
Sunoco Gas Station3240 NJ-38 &, Hartford Rd, Mt Laurel Township(856) 235-9462\"Sunoco
Shell1441 Ocean Ave, Lakewood(732) 994-7088\"Shell\"
Sunoco Gas Station620 Bristol &, Brownsville Rd, Trevose(215) 357-3800\"Sunoco
LUKOIL120 Main St, Eatontown(732) 542-2249\"LUKOIL\"
bp232 Gatzmer Ave, Monroe Township(732) 521-3915\"bp\"
Shell1010 NJ-18, East Brunswick(732) 360-8966\"Shell\"
Sunoco6090 U.S. 9 & 35 North, South Amboy(732) 727-1043\"Sunoco\"
Sunoco Gas Station2 N County Line Rd, Jackson Township(732) 367-5020\"Sunoco
Sunoco Gas Station1432 Street Rd, Bensalem(215) 244-0908\"Sunoco
bp4412 US-9, Freehold(732) 414-6930\"bp\"
Sunoco Gas Station521 Monmouth Rd, Jackson Township(732) 928-9008\"Sunoco

Why is Locating the Nearest Gas Station Important?

Finding a gas station nearby is crucial for a number of reasons. Firstly, it saves time and reduces stress, especially when running low on fuel. Additionally, in times of emergencies or unexpected trips, knowing where to fill up quickly is key. In a state like New Jersey, where travel is an integral part of everyday life, locating the nearest gas station becomes an essential task.

Techniques to Find the Nearest Gas Station

There are several ways to find the \”nearest gas station from me\” when you\’re in New Jersey.

  1. Use of GPS and Online Maps: Technology is your best friend in this situation. Tools like Google Maps, Apple Maps, or any other GPS-based app can help locate the closest gas stations. Simply type \”nearest gas station\” into the search bar, and the app will provide a list of options based on your current location.
  2. Use of Specific Gas Station Apps: Many fuel companies have their own dedicated apps, such as the Shell Motorist App, BPme app, or the Exxon Mobil Speedpass+ app. These not only help locate the nearest stations of their respective brands but also provide additional features like pay-at-the-pump services.
  3. Local Websites and Directories: Websites dedicated to providing information about New Jersey can be a rich source of data. Directories such as list gas stations throughout the state along with the current fuel prices.

Tips for Choosing a Gas Station in New Jersey

When deciding on the \”nearest gas station from me\” in New Jersey, consider the following factors:

  • Proximity: While this may seem obvious, it\’s not always just about the physical distance. Also, consider the time it takes to reach the station based on traffic conditions.
  • Fuel Prices: Gas prices can vary significantly from one station to another. Consider using apps that provide real-time updates on fuel prices.
  • Services Offered: Some gas stations offer more than just fuel. Amenities like convenience stores, car washes, and auto services might be useful.
  • Brand Reputation: Stations under recognized brands are generally reliable and uphold certain standards of quality and service.


Finding the \”nearest gas station from me\” in New Jersey doesn\’t have to be a daunting task. With the proper tools and considerations, you can ensure you\’re never left stranded on the road. Remember, it\’s about more than just proximity; take into account factors like fuel prices, services offered, and brand reputation to make an informed choice.

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