Finding the Nearest Gas Station From Me in Alabama


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One common query among drivers in Alabama is, "Where is the nearest gas station from me?" If you're one of those drivers, this guide is specifically designed to help you. We'll provide you with the tools and tips you need to find the closest gas station, no matter where in Alabama you might be.

Use of Mobile Applications

There are many mobile apps available that can locate the "nearest gas station from me" using real-time GPS data. Some popular options include GasBuddy, Waze, and Google Maps. These apps not only show you the closest gas stations, but also their current prices, allowing you to find the most affordable option.

Nearest Gas Station

Gas Stations in Major Cities

If you're in or near one of Alabama's major cities, here are some reliable gas stations you might consider:


  • Chevron

    • Regular: $3.00
    • Midgrade: $3.30
    • Premium: $3.70
    • Address: 16 64th St N, Birmingham, AL 35212
    • Phone: +12058531533
    • Website
  • Marathon Gas

    • Regular: $3.10
    • Midgrade: $3.60
    • Address: 1101 4th Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203
    • Phone: +12056293904
    • Website
  • Shell

    • Diesel: $4.00
    • Regular: $3.30
    • Premium: $4.80
    • Address: 1137 Arkadelphia Rd, Birmingham, AL 35204
    • Phone: +12058683797
    • Website


  • Exxon at 140 S Sage Ave
  • Murphy USA at 5245 Rangeline Service Rd S


  • BP at 700 Governors Dr SW
  • Shell at 700 Andrew Jackson Way NE


  • Shell at 651 W Fairview Ave
  • Chevron at 1616 Cramton Bowl


  • BP at 1401 University Blvd
  • Shell at 1915 Lurleen Wallace Blvd


  • Exxon at 1599 S College St
  • Shell at 186 N Donahue Dr

Gas Station Chains in Alabama

In Alabama, some popular gas station chains that you are likely to find near you include Shell, BP, Chevron, and Exxon. Many of these stations offer loyalty programs which can help save money on fuel costs.

Off-Peak Hours and Other Tips

Fuel prices can fluctuate throughout the day. Filling up during off-peak hours, typically early morning or late evening, can sometimes yield lower prices. It's also beneficial to keep your tires properly inflated to increase your vehicle's fuel efficiency.

So, next time you're driving around Alabama and wondering, "Where is the nearest gas station from me?" remember these tips and tools. Safe and efficient travels to you!

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