Di Mauro\’s Italian Restaurant & Bar: A Cozy Italian Cafe in Miami Beach


Address: 1464 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone: +(305) 673-5774
Website: dimauromiami.com
Specialties: Traditional Italian pasta, pizza, salads, espresso, and cocktails.
Key Details: A bright and calm spot offering a cozy dining experience. Ideal for families and romantic dinners.
Ratings: ⭐ 4.6
Latitude & Longitude: 25.787409999999998, -80.13201219999999

Location and Contact

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Operating Hours

Weekly Schedule

  • Friday: 12 PM–3 AM
  • Saturday: 12 PM–3 AM
  • Sunday: 12 PM–3 AM
  • Monday: 12 PM–3 AM
  • Tuesday: 12 PM–3 AM
  • Wednesday: 12 PM–3 AM
  • Thursday: 12 PM–3 AM

Customer Reviews

What Patrons Are Saying

Customers rave about the traditional Italian flavors, the cozy ambiance perfect for both romantic evenings and family dinners, and the exceptional service. Many highlight the quality of the pasta dishes and the authentic Italian espresso as must-tries.

About Di Mauro\’s Italian Restaurant & Bar

Di Mauro\’s Italian Restaurant & Bar offers a slice of Italy in the heart of Miami Beach. This cozy Italian café specializes in traditional Italian pasta and pizza but doesn\’t stop there. Salads, espresso, and an array of cocktails make Di Mauro\’s a versatile dining spot for any occasion. Whether you\’re looking for a place to enjoy a romantic dinner or a calm spot to unwind with family, Di Mauro\’s welcomes you with a warm atmosphere and authentic Italian cuisine. With its prime location on Washington Ave, Di Mauro\’s stands as a testament to the rich culinary landscape of Miami Beach, inviting locals and tourists alike to experience traditional Italian dining at its finest.

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