Gas Stations That Sell E85 Gas Near Me

Cruising the streets, the wind in your hair, the sun on your face… and a nagging worry about rising gas prices. Sounds familiar, right? But what if there was a fuel that\’s kinder to your wallet and the planet? Enter E85, a biofuel blend made with 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline, the eco-conscious driver\’s dream. However, finding E85 stations can feel like a treasure hunt. Fear not, fellow adventurer! This guide will equip you with everything you need to know about gas stations that sell E85 near you, from understanding the quirky \”E85\” at the pump to finding the closest station for a satisfying fill-up.

Map of gas stations that sell e85

Deciphering the E85 Enigma:


Before we embark on our quest, let\’s crack the E85 code. It\’s not a type of alien language, but it does signify a high ethanol content. This blend offers several advantages:

  • Reduced emissions: E85 burns cleaner than traditional gasoline, lowering greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to cleaner air.
  • Renewable resource: Ethanol is derived from corn and other bio-based materials, a renewable resource unlike fossil fuels.
  • Potential cost savings: Depending on local fuel prices and your vehicle\’s mileage, E85 can be cheaper than gasoline.

Can Your Car Handle the Green Glide?

Hold your horses, E85 enthusiasts! Not every car is a Flex Fuel champion. Only Flex Fuel vehicles, specifically designed for E85 blends, can run smoothly on this greener fuel. Check your owner\’s manual or the trusty fuel filler door label for compatibility. Mixing E85 in a regular gas car is a recipe for engine trouble, so proceed with caution!

The Elusive E85: Why the Hide-and-Seek?

While E85 offers benefits, finding it can be a challenge. The reasons are complex:

  • Limited infrastructure: Building and maintaining E85 pumps requires investment, and the demand for this fuel hasn\’t always justified the cost for station owners.
  • Volatile fuel prices: The fluctuating price of ethanol makes E85 pricing less predictable than gasoline, adding complexity for retailers.
  • Consumer awareness: Many drivers are still unfamiliar with E85 or hesitant to switch due to limited availability or perceived engine concerns.

Fueling Your E85 Odyssey:

Now, the moment you\’ve been waiting for! Let\’s navigate the landscape of E85 havens:

Salvage Yards Near Me
  • Map Magic: Websites like and offer interactive maps highlighting E85 stations across the country. Zoom in on your area and voila! Instant E85 treasure map.
  • Station Savvy: Popular retailers like Kroger and Circle K have been expanding their E85 offerings. Check their store locators for E85-equipped stations near you.
  • City Spotlight: Let\’s take a quick tour of E85 availability in specific locations:
    • Fresno, California: Look for E85 pumps at Circle K locations on Blackstone and Shaw avenues.
    • Hattiesburg, Mississippi: Fuel up at the Chevron on Highway 98 West or the Shell on East Fourth Street.
    • Illinois: Get your E85 fix at Casey\’s General Stores or select BP stations across the state.

Pumping Wisdom: E85 Edition

Found your E85 oasis? Here are some tips for a smooth fill-up:

  • Know your mileage: E85 typically offers lower fuel economy than gasoline, so adjust your expectations and plan accordingly.
  • Fill \’er up!: Unlike gasoline, E85 pumps might take longer to fill your tank. Patience is a virtue for the eco-conscious driver.
  • Mix-ups matter: Avoid cross-contamination by using dedicated E85 nozzles and pumps clearly marked for Flex Fuel vehicles.

The E85 Revolution: A Greener Road Ahead

E85 may not be readily available everywhere just yet, but the tide is turning. As awareness grows, infrastructure expands, and fuel prices fluctuate, E85\’s potential for cleaner air and cost savings gains momentum. By opting for E85 when possible, you\’re not just fueling your car, you\’re fueling a greener future. Remember, every journey starts with a single pump, and yours begins with the knowledge to find your E85 oasis. So, hit the road, fellow Flex Fuel adventurers, and let\’s power up with cleaner miles!

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