Gas stations near me | Manhattan, New York

To find a gas stations near me Manhattan, New York click the map above for more information. The list of gas stations below is organized by distance from your location.

The table below shows all gas stations near me in Manhattan. This includes their addresses, phone numbers and websites.

Gas stations near Manhattan, New York

Gas stations near Manhattan, New York list of the best gas stations

Gas stations near Manhattan

Find the nearest gas station to you and see how many others are nearby. Find your local gas stations with directions from home or work.

You can get directions from your current location to the nearest gas station near Manhattan, New York.

Nearest gas station

In the following table you will find information about the nearest gas stations to your location in New York. The brand name, address, and opening hours are included. This information will help you find the most convenient gas station for your needs and plan your trips in the city.

Gas stationAddressGas pricePhone NumberHours
Shell1855 1st Ave., New York, NY 1012887 = USD 3.91, 89 = USD 5.15, 91 = USD 5.25+12124268351Open 24 hours
Shell2276 1st Ave., New York, NY 1003587 = USD 3.90, 89 = USD 4.95, 91 = USD 5.05+12122894668Open 24 hours
Global Gas Station89 St Nicholas Pl, New York, NY 1003287 = USD 3.76, 89 = USD 4.00, 91 = USD 4.26+12129399299Open 24 hours
Citgo Gas Station4880 Broadway, New York, NY 1003487 = USD 3.69, 89 = USD 4.00, 91 = USD 4.30+19174727637Open 24 hours
Exxon51-63 8th Ave, New York, NY 1001487 = USD 4.70, 89 = USD 5.16, 91 = USD 5.70+12129893555Open 24 hours
Exxon718 11th Ave, New York, NY 1001987 = USD 5.40, 89 = USD 5.80, 91 = USD 6.40+12129740243Open 24 hours
bp2157 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 1003287 = USD  3.90, 89 = USD  4.40, 91 = USD 4.76+17188644011Open 24 hours
bp4353 Broadway, New York, NY 1003387 = USD 3.80, 89 = USD 4.10, 91 = USD 4.50+12127400001Open 24 hours

Gas Station And Type Of Services

This state is home to many gas stations, and they are in every corner of the city. The gas stations in this state are full service, and in most of them you pay the cheapest price per gallon of gasoline.

Some out-of-state brands, such as shell gas station and BP, can be found at this state’s gas stations. The station owners also have their own brand names like “Super X” or “Petro Plus.”

The prices vary from one brand to another, but you can find great discounts on Wednesday and Friday nights. The best way to save money on gas is by using cash instead of credit card because credit card companies charge fees for withdrawals.

Gas stations near me are the most important part of our lives. We need gas to run cars and for many other things. When we run out of gas, we will have to go to a gas station and fill up our car with gas.

It is very important to fill up your car with gas because if you don’t, and then find yourself stranded on the road in an emergency situation—for example, it starts raining hard and all of a sudden there’s no one around for miles—you might have to call someone (like AAA or another roadside assistance provider)

So, it is better that you always keep an eye on your fuel level so that you can refill it when required.

Thank you for your visit, I hope I have helped you find a gas station near your location.

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