Discover the Nearest Gas Stations in Manhattan, New York

In the bustling city of Manhattan, New York, finding a conveniently located gas station is essential. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, we've got you covered with a comprehensive list of gas stations in the area.

The Importance of Gas Stations in Manhattan, New York

In the heart of the Big Apple, Manhattan, the importance of gas stations cannot be overstated. With the ceaseless hustle and bustle of city life, the need for fuel is constant. Whether you're a local resident commuting to work, a taxi driver navigating through the city's grid, or a tourist exploring the iconic landmarks, you'll find yourself seeking a gas station more often than not. Gas stations in Manhattan are not just fueling stops; they are essential components of the city's infrastructure that keep the city moving.

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  2. Comprehensive List of Gas Stations
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Gas stations near Manhattan, New York

Unique Features of Manhattan Gas Stations

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Manhattan's gas stations are as diverse as the city itself. They are strategically located across the borough, ensuring that no matter where you are, you're never too far from a gas station. Many of these stations are open 24 hours a day, providing a lifeline for those late-night drives or early morning commutes.

Moreover, Manhattan's gas stations are more than just places to fill up your tank. They offer a variety of services, from convenience stores stocked with essentials to car maintenance services. Some even have eateries where you can grab a quick bite.

In addition, the gas stations in Manhattan cater to a wide range of fuel needs. Whether you're looking for regular unleaded, premium, or diesel fuel, you'll find a station that offers what you need. Some even offer alternative fuels like electric charging, catering to the growing number of electric vehicles in the city.

In the following sections, we'll delve deeper into how to find a gas station near you, explore the variety of brands available, discuss different fuel options, and highlight the convenience and additional services offered by these stations. Stay tuned!

Comprehensive List of Gas Stations

Gas stations near Manhattan

The table below provides a snapshot of all the gas stations in Manhattan, complete with their addresses, phone numbers, and websites. This information is organized by proximity, making it easy for you to find a station close to your current location.

Gas stationAddressGas pricePhone NumberHours
Shell1855 1st Ave., New York, NY 1012887 = USD 3.91, 89 = USD 5.15, 91 = USD 5.25+12124268351Open 24 hours
Shell2276 1st Ave., New York, NY 1003587 = USD 3.90, 89 = USD 4.95, 91 = USD 5.05+12122894668Open 24 hours
Global Gas Station89 St Nicholas Pl, New York, NY 1003287 = USD 3.76, 89 = USD 4.00, 91 = USD 4.26+12129399299Open 24 hours
Citgo Gas Station4880 Broadway, New York, NY 1003487 = USD 3.69, 89 = USD 4.00, 91 = USD 4.30+19174727637Open 24 hours
Exxon51-63 8th Ave, New York, NY 1001487 = USD 4.70, 89 = USD 5.16, 91 = USD 5.70+12129893555Open 24 hours
Exxon718 11th Ave, New York, NY 1001987 = USD 5.40, 89 = USD 5.80, 91 = USD 6.40+12129740243Open 24 hours
bp2157 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 1003287 = USD  3.90, 89 = USD  4.40, 91 = USD 4.76+17188644011Open 24 hours
bp4353 Broadway, New York, NY 1003387 = USD 3.80, 89 = USD 4.10, 91 = USD 4.50+12127400001Open 24 hours

Unique Features of Manhattan Gas Stations

Manhattan is home to a variety of gas stations, each with its own unique history and features. For instance, some stations are open 24 hours, ensuring you'll never be left stranded, no matter the time of day. Others are known for their competitive prices, helping you save a few dollars at the pump.

Brand Variety

In the vast selection of service stations in the city, you can find recognized brands such as Shell and Exxon. These stations not only offer gasoline, but also a variety of other services and amenities.

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Shell near me:

Quality and Reliability Shell service stations are recognized for their commitment to quality and reliability. Many of these stations have convenience stores where you can pick up a quick snack or a cup of coffee for your journey.

Exxon near me:

Wide Coverage and Services Exxon, with its wide coverage, offers easy and convenient access to fuel and services, regardless of your location in Manhattan.

In addition to these well-known brands, Manhattan also hosts stations with unique brands such as "Super X" or "Petro Plus".

BP near me:

Eco-friendly Options and Services BP stations stand out for their eco-friendly fuel options and varied services.

Walmart Gas near me:

Convenience and Affordability Furthermore, Walmart gas stations offer the convenience of refueling while doing your shopping. They are known for their affordability, making filling up the tank less burdensome on your wallet.

These stations often offer discounts on certain days of the week, making them a popular choice among locals.

The Importance of Gas Stations

Gas stations play a crucial role in our daily lives. They fuel our vehicles, yes, but they also often come to our rescue in unexpected situations. Imagine you're driving late at night and suddenly realize your tank is nearly empty. Or perhaps you're caught in a downpour with miles to go before you reach your destination. In such scenarios, knowing the location of the nearest gas station can be a lifesaver.

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Therefore, it's always a good idea to keep an eye on your fuel gauge and know where the nearest gas stations are. This way, you can refill your tank as needed and avoid any potential inconveniences. So the next time you find yourself in Manhattan and need to fill up, refer to this guide to find the closest gas station.

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