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If you’re looking for a refreshing Icee near me now in Pennsylvania, you’re in luck. There are several gas stations in the area featuring the popular Icee machine, where you can discover delicious flavors like cola, cherry, and tropical fruits. Whether you’re on a road trip or just need a cool break, these gas stations are the perfect icee place near me to satisfy your craving for a frozen Icee.

Exxon2083 W Penn Pike #16, Andreas, PA 182111994.2
Sunoco1501 Bethlehem Pike, Line Lexington, PA 18932244
ExxonPA-611, Swiftwater, PA 183703594.1
Exxon3655 PA-378, Bethlehem, PA 180151554.1
Exxon321 Midway Rd, Bethel, PA 195071943.7
SunocoHwy 80 &, PA-534, White Haven, PA 18661613.3
Exxon3797 PA-115 #100, Blakeslee, PA 18610433.8
ExxonPA-940, Pocono Summit, PA 183464783.6
Exxon151 Twin Rocks Rd, Lake Ariel, PA 184362064.2
Exxon345 PA-315, Pittston, PA 186402184
Exxon4111 PA-309, Schnecksville, PA 18078824.3
Penn Jersey Food Mart232 Blue Valley Dr, Bangor, PA 18013834.2
ExxonExit, 26 I-84, Tafton, PA 184641133.7
SunocoPA-739 & I-84, Hawley, PA 18428584
Exxon1389 Lake Ariel Hwy, Lake Ariel, PA 18436893.9
Shell1158 E Chocolate Ave, Hershey, PA 17033443.7

Gas Stations with Ice Machines

In Pennsylvania, you can find several gas stations equipped with ice machines, ideal for quenching your thirst with refreshing frozen drinks. Some of the gas station brands that offer these machines include Exxon and Sunoco. These gas stations are conveniently located near busy areas and are easy to find.

The ice machines at these gas stations offer a wide variety of Icee flavors, from classics like cherry and cola to more exotic options like watermelon and tropical fruits. So, no matter your preferences, you’re sure to find a flavor you love.

Amenities Available

Beyond ice machines, these gas stations also provide a number of amenities to make your visit even more convenient. For instance, many of them have clean, well-maintained public restrooms, perfect for quick stops as well as those on long road trips.

Moreover, these gas stations accept a variety of payment methods, making them accessible to everyone. They accept debit cards, facilitating quick and secure payment for your purchases. They also accept NFC mobile payments, meaning you can transact without even pulling out your debit card. This is particularly convenient if you’re looking for a fast and hassle-free way to pay for your Icee and other gas station products.

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Accepted Payment Methods

Gas stations with ice machines icee near me now near Pennsylvania offer various payment methods for your convenience. In addition to accepting debit cards, many of these gas stations are equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) mobile payment technology. This means you can make payments with your smartphone or other compatible devices just by bringing them close to the NFC-enabled card reader.

This NFC mobile payment technology is safe and convenient, eliminating the need to carry cash or physical cards. Just ensure you have a compatible mobile payment app set up on your device, like Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay. Then, you can make your purchases, including your Icee, quickly and contactlessly.

These cashless payment options are ideal for those who prefer a more digital and mobile shopping experience. Plus, you won’t have to worry about carrying cash, as most of the gas stations with ice machines also accept electronic payments with debit and credit cards.

Wheelchair Accessibility

It’s important to note that several of the gas stations with ice machines near me in Pennsylvania are wheelchair accessible. These stations are designed with the comfort and inclusion of all their customers in mind.

The accessible facilities typically feature ramps and barrier-free entries, making it easy to access the store and the ice machines. Moreover, the public restrooms are also adapted for wheelchair users, with ample space and appropriate equipment.

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The gas stations strive to ensure that all customers, regardless of their physical abilities, can enjoy the services they offer. So, if you need a stop to enjoy a delicious Icee in Pennsylvania, you can visit these gas stations knowing they are accessible for wheelchair users.

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