Meijer Near Michigan

Meijer Locations in Michigan

With over 240 stores spread across six Midwestern states, Meijer has a solid footprint in Michigan. Meijer stores can be found in a variety of locations including downtown Detroit, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Kalamazoo, Warren, and Troy.


Accessibility to Meijer from Different Locations in Michigan

Meijer is conveniently located within easy reach of most communities in Michigan. For those seeking a 24-hour Meijer near them, there are several locations that offer round-the-clock service.

Products and Services of Meijer in Michigan

From groceries to electronics to gardening goods, Meijer offers an impressive variety of products. Also, customers can take advantage of their weekly ads to find great deals.

Economic Impact of Meijer in Michigan

Meijer is a major employer in Michigan, contributing significantly to the state\’s economy. The retailer supports local suppliers, further strengthening Michigan\’s economic framework.

History of Meijer in Michigan

Founded in 1934 in Greenville, Michigan, Meijer has a rich history within the state. From a small grocery store to a renowned regional supercenter, Meijer\’s growth has been a part of Michigan\’s commercial landscape.

Meijer Near Ohio

Sustainability and Ecological Practices of Meijer in Michigan

Meijer is committed to sustainable practices, from waste reduction efforts to sourcing products responsibly. These practices have established Meijer as a green leader in Michigan and beyond.

Discover more about Meijer in neighboring states: Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Illinois.

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