Moshi Moshi Miami Beach: A Refined Sushi and Tapas Experience


Address: 1448 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone: +(844) 466-6744
Specialties: Innovative sushi rolls, small plates, and a sophisticated ambiance with late-night options.
Key Details: Offers fast service and a great tea selection. Ideal for lunch, dinner, and solo dining with a casual, cozy, and trendy atmosphere.
Ratings: ⭐ 4.4
Latitude & Longitude: 25.7870912, -80.1319563

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Operating Hours

Weekly Schedule

  • Friday: 11 AM–5 AM
  • Saturday: 11 AM–5 AM
  • Sunday: 11 AM–5 AM
  • Monday: 11 AM–5 AM
  • Tuesday: 11 AM–5 AM
  • Wednesday: 11 AM–5 AM
  • Thursday: 11 AM–5 AM

Customer Reviews

What Customers Say

Moshi Moshi is often celebrated for its refined approach to sushi and tapas, offering a unique dining experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Patrons appreciate the sophisticated ambiance that makes it perfect for both casual dining and special occasions.

About Moshi Moshi Miami Beach

Moshi Moshi Miami Beach stands out as a beacon of culinary sophistication in the bustling Miami Beach dining scene. This distinguished establishment offers more than just sushi; it provides an immersive experience into the refined tastes of authentic Japanese cuisine, coupled with the innovation of modern tapas. From the inviting atmosphere to the exceptional late-night dining options, Moshi Moshi is a sanctuary for those who appreciate the art of sushi making and the nuanced flavors of Japan.

At Moshi Moshi, each dish is crafted with precision and care, using only the freshest ingredients to ensure a memorable dining experience. Whether you\’re a sushi connoisseur or a curious newcomer, the menu at Moshi Moshi is designed to cater to a wide range of palates, offering everything from innovative rolls to traditional sashimi and small plates that inspire conversation and delight.

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But what truly sets Moshi Moshi apart is its dedication to creating an ambiance that complements its culinary offerings. The sophisticated yet cozy setting invites guests to relax and enjoy their meal, whether they\’re stopping by for a quick lunch or settling in for a late-night feast. With its casual, trendy vibe and commitment to excellence, Moshi Moshi is not just a restaurant—it\’s a destination for those seeking to explore the depths of Japanese cuisine and tapas in Miami Beach.

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